During times when online gambling is one of the most accessible forms of entertainment, not many wonder how it all started. In fact, gambling has quite a history behind it. Apart from setting the context for various societal aspects, gambling is an activity that was adopted before written history, during the Palaeolithic period.

The Start of the Gambling Industry

If we take into consideration the appearance of the six-sided dice (3000 BC), we could even advocate the fact that gambling has always been in our nature. It all started with bets on animal fights and races. Betting on horses, for example, is now considered the high-class way of gambling money. Same goes for Greyhound races. Betting on cards was the next step. Most card games have sprung from the Persian game called As-Nas. From this point on, human nature has come up with incredible ways to put their money at stake: lotto, dominoes, etc.

Gambling Control and Regulation

Once the concept of law started taking control, gambling began to suffer changes and regulations. The idea of licensing was imposed, only allowing authorised vendors to hold gambling activities. In many areas, such practices were banned entirely. The probabilities of winning were being questioned, raising insecurity when it came to the functionalities of gambling devices. People starting searching for ways to trick the system and earn more profit.

Gambling viewed through a Religious Perspective

Whilst religious views on gambling shared different opinions, the idea that gambling is a sin and a vice has taken over. In some parts, gambling was accepted as long as the purpose of it was fundraising. In other parts, professional gamblers weren’t even allowed to take part in court cases.

Gambling today – Online Casinos

Despite the rough history of this particular source of entertainment and money making, gambling is now more accessible than ever. At the same time, gambling is one of the best controlled and regulated means of entertainment. Online casinos have taken control, getting more and more users to sign up each day. With impressive portfolios of games, online casinos are safe platforms which allow users to benefit from all the possible ways of gambling.

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